I grew up in rural Tauranga, Bay of Plenty with a family that loved the outdoors - farming, gardening and adventure. My parents loved to travel which meant I was lucky enough to experience living in remote places and backpack through South America and Europe. They both had a love for photography and had different styles which complimented each other so beautifully. 

I would say my own style is a combination of theirs. My Fathers eye for the landscape in a well composed and lit image; my Mothers skill to look at a scene and capture the emotion in it. 

Both of these styles plus my own love for the light and airy aesthetic, I believe creates images that surpass any current fad. You will appreciate images where your authentic emotion is showcased in a flattering setting and captured in a timeless aesthetic - those are images that will be hung on the walls for years and handed down to the next generation and never lose any of their magic. 

"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" 
-Mary Oliver

About my style

Two of the most important things for me when I take photos for people are:
1- The Experience

My style of photography is a mixture of posed - "for the grand-parents" photos and documentary style photos of you and the loved ones you've got by your side laughing, playing, snuggling. 
It's important to me that you take away a great experience along with photos that reflect your authentic self - no overly posed, awkward smiles - the real thing baby! And it is normally these ones that get hung on the wall.

2 - The Aesthetic

I am deeply inspired by the fine art film industry which has helped me practise and hone my skill to create fresh, bright and airy images that flatter everyone who jumps in front of my camera and makes the setting you are in sparkle. I make the most out of the best natural light that the day has on offer - the low light of mornings and evenings (mainly evenings because.. you know... mornings are hard).

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