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February 10, 2021


August 27, 2017
The horses who keep this ranch running deserve their own blog post so here it is! They were probably my favourite part of Canada so I may be biased but I think these guys are stunning! They definitely do their jobs well - they will chase Angus bulls twice their size around a...
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BB was the epitome of a gentleman in the horse world. This guy had been in Kerryanne life on and off for 8 years. Although she had sold him twice, he would keep coming back through no fault of his own. He was just meant to be with Kerryanne, she was the best person to care...
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If you're like me - you will have no space on your phone left because you're a photo hoarder. You can't bare to delete anything because you might need that photo one day and if it's a photo of my horse then it will stay on that phone until the day that phone dies. But I do...
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Just about everyone who knows me will tell you how much I love my horse, Molly. She doesn't even feel like a horse to me sometimes, she feels more like a friend. I'm always seeing myself mirrored in her - she's not a very marish mare just like I've always been a bit of a t...
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