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How to set up for a newborn session

Newborn session are a favourite of mine. It's all about keeping everything low key and comfortable for everyone involved, especially mum and baby. 

Firstly when setting up for your photography session, think about creating a relaxed, snuggly, sleepy vibe. Start with choosing the room to work in. This should be the room with the best light in the house, I normally like setting a bedroom up as they have that sleepy vibe going strong already. The best room will have a lot of natural light coming in the windows and a good amount of space to move around in. 

Don't worry if the space is limited. Light is the most important ingredient.

Secondly, declutter. Now, the last thing I want is to add to your already massive work load of being a new parent so if this just means quickly shoving dirty laundry out of the way - I can work with that. 

What to wear?

White, natural / neutral tones are my favourite to work with. My partner calls me boring but I think they highlight the things that I'm really trying to capture. Bright colours have their place and I definitely love working with them but when it comes to an intimate session with the littlest of the humans, neutral tones are definitely a must when dressing / setting up. Their tiny little faces that are held so close in their parents embraces are susceptible to colour casts. 

What are colour casts?

If you wear a bright coloured top and stand next to a white sheet or wall and face the sun, you're going to run into a colour casting scenario. Apply this experiment to a freshly minted baby and we will have a Shrek progeny in the room. The colour white works as a really flattering reflector, creating beautiful natural skin tones. When you are thinking about what to wear for your newborn session, look for all of the natural, neutral colours in your wardrobe that will compliment your skin tone as well as your bubbas skin. No matter what your skin tone, white or off white is always a great choice for such an intimate session.

What about the bedroom linen?

Again, white. 

I know.. there's a theme here. 

I can't say it enough though.. white is a great neutral reflector! We don't need anything else competing for attention in an image when there is a beautiful chubby little hand or miniature nose in focus. 

I always bring a white sheet with me when I go to newborn session, just in case my client doesn't have any so that we don't have to compromise with less optimal colours. 

Using texture

Texture is a really useful and creative way to bring an aspect of depth to the images. 

A snugly waffle blanket, a few cushions with a subtle pattern, a dress or a shirt with an embroidered pattern or a faint coloured pattern. Get creative! Look around your house for things that you think will compliment the vibe of a newborn session. Remember, it's all about setting that relaxed, sleepy vibe. 

Plants are a great way to add texture to a minimalistic session. 

Hair & Makeup

Follow the natural vibe rule one more time here. Keep it easy for your self. Remember you just had a baby and give yourself a high-five for that! Right, now you can think about hair and make-up which is best kept simple and natural. We don't need lipstick marks from the repeated kisses and foundation transfers from all of the cuddles - which there are going to be copious amounts of!

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The Andersons with their newborn boy, Ashton in Cambridge, Waikato.

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