We are a product of our choices and our habits - whether we are conscious of them or not.

We are a product of our choices and our habits - whether we are conscious of them or not.

The thing is though that our planet has become a product of our collective choices and habits and it’s time for that to change for the benefit of all living things. We need to make a shift towards a more sustainable way of living - but how can we make this actionable? 

Creating habits that are good for your own personal health and well being are generally going to be healthier or more ’sustainable’ for our planet.. - everything is connected! 

So what does sustainability look like? 

Choosing to eat whole foods (and the occasional homemade cookie!!) that are locally grown instead of processed, convenient food. This is going to nourish your body and your body will in return give you the energy and vitality to be happier. Pretty simple, right? No brainer - you most likely already know this. This is a habit that mirrors itself in the effect you have on the planet. Happier people make nicer people. Nicer people have more empathy for their peers and their surroundings. The other level to that is of course the amount of energy it takes to grow a plant is so much less than any processed item - but you smarties already knew that too! 

Anti-Consumerism. This one is a big one with so many levels to it. Think about what you are doing right now - looking at a device, most likely a phone.. and while I appreciate that you’re in a good part of the internet spending time with mwah who is not trying to sell you anything that you don’t need - most of the images you look at on such a device are trying to sell you something that you don’t need! And they do this by tapping into your emotions - to get people to buy their latest mascara, cosmetics companies will target womens self esteem - how messed up is that?! Choosing to buy into consumerism is a totally unsustainable habit on a personal level and then there’s the effect that it has on the planet. Think of the plastic waste that is produced from all of the crap that we buy that gives us short term satisfaction and then throw away only for it to end up in landfill and potentially in the ocean! It's ludicrous and yet it's still such a hard habit to break - the first step though is to be aware of it.

There are many other ways to be sustainable.. the key thing is to start practising changing your habits, even in small ways…

- Make choices to buy local, homemade items.

- Choose foods that are homemade, whole and local.

- Spend your time with people who aren’t trying to sell you things - it doesn’t feel like it but the time we spend on the internet is replacing the time we are spending with real people.

- Get to know yourself and question your behaviours - something the philosopher Socrates preached. If you know yourself, you are more conscious about your behaviours and if you question your behaviours then you are able to adapt and advance yourself. 

Tessa from Our Gardner Home is all about sustainability and providing products that will help you on your way to being more friendly to our earth. Spending an afternoon with her making some yummy treats and taking product photos for her small business made me grateful that there are people out there who are passionate about this subject and who want to spend their lives trying to make a difference... those are my kind of people!

"Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul" - Marcus Aurelius


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