The weather was looking like it was going to bring rain, rain, and more rain for this Tauranga wedding but this DIY bride had such a cool calm about everything on her wedding day. Her top priority was that she got to marry the love of her life. I have known April for 10 years and the whole length of her relationship with Rich, it was clear that they were meant for each other. They both have a willingness to work hard at their relationship to make it better and to allow each other to be happier. It turned out that the worst we got was a bit of drizzle and some moody clouds on an otherwise beautiful May day. April and I met while training horses so I've always known that Aprils' animals are so important to her so I was honoured to be able to highlight that connection on such a special day. Weddings aren't just about the relationship between man and wife, it's a day to celebrate every connection we hold close in our lives and a good wedding photographer should recognise these friendships and family relationships. If you're a photographer you can go above and beyond your clients expectations by providing beautiful, meaningful images that they may not know that they even wanted, but you know that they will appreciate the heck out of you for giving them this gift. For April, her dog Bella was her pride and joy but Bella has since passed away so I know April really holds these images close to her heart. 

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