It started with two which lead to you!
Love can create some magic, am I right?
Maternity sessions have my heart. When you have a couple who are full of emotions for each other while they wait for their world to turn upside down in the most wonderful way. Documenting a couple make their way into parenthood always reminds me why I love photography. Focussing on the miracle that has transformed a woman into a glowing mother and the pride that has enveloped a new father, it really is a privilege to witness. Especially when it's happening to someone you've known almost your whole life - Courtney is the little sister of my lifelong friend, Melissa who is featured on another blog.

I'd like to give a quick shout out to Mastin Labs Presets for helpin' a girl out with all these green hues. It's not always easy editing green tones and we had plenty of 'em here! Photographing in the lush Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions I've gotta deal with a LOT of lush green pastures! I can't always escape it either so whenever I can't lead my couple to cleaner light, I know I can rely on Mastin to help me out in post. 

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